Reasons Why You Need a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of your home. In contemporary homes, the kitchen now has an overall beautiful aesthetic. It’s the room in your house where your family spends much of their time when preparing dishes, sharing a meal, or even relaxing. It’s also a place where you will gather together whenever you’re hosting family or friends. This makes it crucial to have a kitchen that is designed to serve your personal tastes and needs.

Like a fine wine, your kitchen requires some time to design and evolve into a room that’s truly adorned by the homeowner. Whether it’s picking the overall layout, appliances, colour palettes, and materials, every piece of the kitchen puzzle should be chosen meticulously to ensure you end up with a finished chef-d’oeuvre. The kitchen is not something you want to modify as often as you need to – you need a long-term view. But when it’s done right, it will transform your home completely.

With that out of the way, here are the 4 main grounds for redecorating your kitchen:

Boosts the value of your home

Based on the data from the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), if your budget is only enough to redecorate one room, then make sure this room is the kitchen. If you are in the Surrey area, check out the outdoor stone kitchens Surrey.

The kitchen is basically the heart of your home. It’s therefore the room that most potential homebuyers will spend their attention on. A remodelled kitchen should help enhance the value of your property by roughly 5% to 15%.

Most industry experts say that the kitchen is a vital room when it comes to redecorating, especially if you’re looking to sell your home and relocate. A contemporary design with light and airy decor such as light-grey stone-quartz countertops should help you create the minimalist yet elegant look that is currently on trend.

Installing high-quality countertops is also a must in modern kitchen designs as it should boost the value of your home. Other than being the literal surface where you do your work in the kitchen, countertops create a huge focal point for the eye and will help to elevate the value of your home due to their superior performance and upgraded appearance.

Better energy savings

The utensils and appliances you use in the kitchen are a key factor when it comes to your energy usage. As such, if you want a way to save on your utility bills and/or create an environmentally friendly kitchen, then these are a good place to start. Having a modern kitchen will address these needs, helping you create an energy-efficient space that reduces your monthly utility bills.

Better functionality

One great thing about doing a kitchen redecoration is that you can specifically design a space that’s suited to your household’s daily requirements, essentially eliminating and replacing stuff you despise in your current kitchen.

For instance, a tired, old oven will not be the amazing feature it was during the 1970s. Installing stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops means you will enjoy energy efficiency benefits while improving the overall appeal of your room.

Contemporary kitchens will let you have nearly anything you want. If you want a space dedicated to your cutlery, have a quality knife draw installed close to your quartz countertop island. If you need more space to nurture your culinary talents you can have all the space you need. You also have the option of installing heaters into the countertops. Such a kitchen redesign should give you the flexibility and options to make a room that serves you best.

Build a space you love

Some people may dislike change and prefer to get stuck in their ways. However, the beauty of remodelling your kitchen and changing your home is that it’s a great way to change the overall scenery in a beautiful way, which is one thing a lot of homeowners crave now more than ever.