How To Business Network

Develop a plan of action

Consider your desired outcomes and objectives.

Raise your company profile, acquire fresh connections and additional proficiencies, and generate referrals

If you are unfamiliar with networking, it is advisable to attend numerous events, engage in conversations with frequent attendees, and assess if the group aligns with your strategic objectives prior to making a consistent commitment. Ask yourself the question: Where can I find small business networking groups near me?

Pitch perfect

Craft a brief and succinct “elevator pitch” that effectively communicates your business and its goals within a 60-second timeframe. Be sure to incorporate your professional expertise and highlight your distinctive selling proposition.

How can your business make a lasting impression when surrounded by competitors in a crowded room?

Make sure to bring along any relevant materials, such as props, marketing materials, and business cards, in order to showcase your expertise and assist others in gaining a clear understanding of your profession.

Present endorsements from contented clients and illustrate the positive impact your offering has had on others.

Step outside your familiar territory

When it comes to networking, it is common to be drawn to familiar faces. However, expanding your network involves connecting with individuals beyond your existing connections. If you find yourself in such a scenario, take a moment to scan the room for unfamiliar individuals and create an opportunity for them to engage in the conversation.

Keep an eye out for newcomers and recall the emotions you experienced when you arrived at a new place. Extending a warm and welcoming introduction can have a significant impact.

Keep attending

Building a strong network is a gradual process that requires time and trust. It is crucial to regularly attend networking events, offer assistance to others, and follow up effectively. The goal of networking is to establish connections and foster relationships. Although immediate business opportunities may not arise from an event, a single conversation has the potential to unlock numerous possibilities.


Show a genuine curiosity about others and inquire about their goals for the meeting. Determine if their goals or principles align with yours and establish shared interests.

Are you capable of assisting them by utilizing your personal network connections or facilitating introductions that could be beneficial in terms of supplier requirements, client relationships, or strategic partnerships?

Inquire about the “how,” “who,” and “why” through open-ended questions to initiate discussions and demonstrate your curiosity. You’ll be surprised by the valuable insights you can gather from others.

Follow up

The significance lies not in the occurrences during the event, but rather in the actions taken afterward. It is crucial to be proactive in initiating follow-ups.

Take the initiative and utilize social media to establish connections with individuals you have encountered. LinkedIn, being the widely used platform for this purpose, can function as your virtual contact information.

Engaging in individual meetings with important individuals outside of the networking sessions can be beneficial to ensure you don’t get caught up in lengthy conversations during the event, which could potentially hinder your ability to connect with other attendees.

Provide recommendations or facilitate introductions

It is advisable to offer a direct means of communication, such as your LinkedIn profile, email address, or phone number, whenever feasible, to ensure that the person you are mentioning can easily contact your contact.

If someone introduced you or recommended you, it is important to keep them informed about the progress and results. If the outcome is positive, it would be beneficial to publicly express gratitude to them during the next meeting. This not only shows others that your network is effective, but also enhances the credibility of both you and the person who referred you within the group.