Why Egypt Is The Best Place To Visit

Egypt is one of the richest countries in the world, historically. It is home to plenty of archeological sites dating back thousands of years, most of which are documented in numerous books. This ranges from the Great River Nile to the pyramids of Giza and culture, among many others. Egypt should thus be among the top 5 countries you should visit as a tourist.

The Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the exciting and rich Egyptian culture and history are some of the things you can explore and fulfill your childhood fantasies. The best part about Egypt is that most of these ancient structures are really well preserved, giving you a surreal experience of how life must have been in the past few hundred or thousand years. There are also museums, temples, and ancient tombs you can visit and learn about the rich past the country and region had.

There’s never a better time to visit Egypt that this year – the Grand Egyptian Museum opens in 2023. The Museum is ranked among the best on the globe and is home to more than 100,000 unique exhibits and artifacts, e.g., King Tut’s treasure collection. Below are a few reasons you should choose Egypt as your top tourist destination. If you’re interested in exploring the Nile River during your trip, check out Nile Cruises 2023.

Affordable Yet Worthy Adventure

Visiting Egypt won’t drain your wallet. It is one of the few affordable places to visit. Everything from food, activities, accommodation, safari, and even guides is quite affordable and more competitive than most destinations. If you have been looking to go on a vacation but are afraid to spend more than you could afford, Egypt has your back. In addition to affordable rates, the tourism sector here is well-developed, offering visitors multiple options to choose from, based on preferences and value. Exchange rates are quite favorable too despite the volatile markets today.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy to the fullest whilst in Egypt.

a. Try Egyptian Cuisine

There’s a whole lot of food and drinks to try here in Egypt. These range from spicy stews to grilled meats, and pastries. Fresh juices, and traditional cuisines. You can choose to enjoy both locally prepared foods from street vendors to restaurants all across the country. In addition to their sumptuous meals, you can be sure to find other varieties of cuisines from other parts of the world.

b. Enjoy The Vibrant Art And Music Scene

You can be sure to enjoy both contemporary and traditional performances within Egypt’s music and art scene. Anyone that appreciates art and music will be amazed by the vast performances and exhibitions here. Egypt is also known for its prowess in showcasing its rich creativity and artistic heritage. Locals here are as good as international performance, though with a unique touch. You could choose to enjoy the scene and music or even better, take part in the same.

c. Enjoy The Warm, Sunny Climate

Egypt enjoys a warm climate for the most part of the year. Any outdoor lover or beach enthusiast will find the country quite accommodating and fun. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea costs offer beautiful beaches with clear clean water at your disposal. Depending on what you prefer, you can swim, snorkel, and take part in other water spots available here. Dessert safaris, hiking, biking, and river cruises are quite common, affordable, and most enjoyable here.

d. Region Exploration

If exploration is your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Egypt is perfectly located between two fun and attractive regions, the middle east and Africa. You can thus enjoy both cultures and experiences while in Egypt. What better way to enjoy the best of the regions that come to Egypt?